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Jan 28, 2013 7:00pm PST
. national defense leaders announced last thursday they will carry out a nuclear test. workers' party leaders then asked secretaries of what they call local cells to gather in the capital. the media said on sunday that kim had some of the country's top defense officials. reporters said the leaders determined to act in his nation's interest. >>> tell us about the challenges in getting this country out of deflati deflation. >> getting price to rise is a major challenge. it's money circulating the markets, company performance, customers appetite for buying things. then there's the challenge of will people be able to afford more. labor and business leaders in japan are butting heads over a proposed wage increase. >> translator: this year we intend to secure a pay hike and improve working conditions. we want to bring japan out of deflation. >> officials of the japanese trade union confederation are calling for a 1% increase in wages. they suggest firms use the money to improve working conditions. they also say seniority-based pay increases should continue. the leaders of the japan business federat
Jan 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> welcome back. germany's defense ministry has come under criticism for its plan to push ahead with plans to buy on drums. >> this is a highly sensitive issue in germany, but the military says the defense could protect troops more effectively on military missions abroad. >> critics say it could steer the country into legally unethical territory. >> they can carry high- resolution cameras, bombs, and missiles. they can be controlled from the other side of the planet, launching deadly assaults without risk to the operator. the german government has reportedly not yet given the go- ahead to any combat drums, but the german defense ministry has raised eyebrows by calling their use ethically neutral. >> i would like to repeat our position that essentially, a weapon system is not unethical in itself. that is, unless it is a weapon that is generally despised such as a cluster bomb or biological agent. >> the u.s. has long considered combat drones essential for taking on taliban and al qaeda forces in an accessible regions in afghanistan, pakistan, and yemen. but given the number of innocent civi
Jan 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
are promising more rocket launches. japanese defense ministry analysts say the north now have a missing that could travel more than 10,000 kilometers, far enough to reach the u.s. west coast. japan and other countries north korean officials say they used a rocket to put a satellite into orbit but japan and other countries believe they were testing ballistic missile technology. the defense ministry analysts say they believe something went into orbit but they doubt it's a functioning satellite. they say they believe the launch involved an upgraded model of the ballistic missile and conclude the missile development has entered a new stage, something they're calling a grave concern for global security. >>> the seven japanese survivors of the hostage crisis in algeria flew home safely on friday. the government plane also carried nine of their ten colleagues who were killed in the siege. foreign minister fumio kishida welcomed the survivors and officials who accompanied them on their arrival in tokyo. the japanese hostages were among hundreds of natural gas plant workers taken captive by isla
Jan 30, 2013 7:00pm PST
also fell by 6.6% and defense related spending plunged by 22%. on the brighter side personal spending was up over 2% from the previous quarter. this was led by strong auto sales. personal consumption accounts for 12% of u.s. gdp. company spending was also up over 8%. that's a turn around from the previous quarter. we have the latest indicator on japanese activity. factory output last month turned up after showing negative growth in november. industrial output rose 2.5% from the previous month. production of transport equipment like cars contributed to the rise. officials forecast industrial output will rise 2.6% in january and 2.3% in february. let's get a check on the markets. tokyo stocks are lower today. some investors are locking in profits after the nikkei index rose above the key 11,000 level on wednesday. others are buying as they anticipate a further decline in the yen. trading down by half a percent, 11,052 at the moment. the dollar is little changed against the yen. they're wanting u.s. economic trends following that decline in the gdp. they are focused on the u.s. jobs data
Jan 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
with the unrest, but a state of emergency and nightly curfew had been widely ignored. the defense minister has warned that the country could collapse if the political chaos continues. soldiers have given the police authority to arrest civilians, but the protest will likely continue. demonstrators are determined to force out president morsi, but he is continuing with business as usual. tomorrow, he scheduled to make his first official visit to berlin. >> investigators in brazil are still trying to establish how a nightclub escape official scrutiny and became a deathtrap for hundreds of young people. >> it was the venue for a concert with indoor part text that led to a devastating fire. 231 people died in the blaze, mostly college students. >> thousands took to the streets of santa maria on monday night in a peaceful protest. they wore white to honor the victims and demanded justice. earlier, residents created a memorial outside the nightclub for those who died inside in the blaze. >> the country is in mourning, and we feel the need to share the pain of the people who are suffering. we are here,
Jan 30, 2013 6:30pm PST
back. as we heard earlier, each of its president has been in berlin today on the defensive as his government faces its biggest test so far. >> opposition groups accuse him of betraying the revolution. they've been out on the streets demanding that he form a new unity government with them taking part. supporters reject that and say that he is moving egypt in the right direction. >> both of those views are represented right here in berlin. here's more on a debate that goes far beyond each of its borders. >> living in berlin net for more than a year now studying political science, she keeps herself informed on the politics of egypt through close contact with friends and family in cairo. she is worried. >> it is kind of ironic that two years into the resolute -- revolution, we are at the same place with a state of emergency being imposed and people demanding the same thing they were two years ago. it is very telling and very indicative of what the country is going through now, going backwards to what it used to be before. >> she is an active member of a network of artists and professi
Jan 31, 2013 7:00pm PST
be the best defense. >>> a japanese ballerina in egypt has found life more difficult since the start of the arab spring two years ago. on the street affects what she does on the stage. nhk world has her story. ♪ >> reporter: the cairo ballet company was funded more than 45 years ago. they contain many dances from europe and even further away. three years ago, 24-year-old liza ocha became the first asian to hold a position of prima ballerina. she came to egypt six years ago, when she was just 18. she chose the company because of its strong reputation. >> people here are friendly. i feel comfortable. it's my sixth year. now i feel like this is the place where i belong. >> reporter: however, two years ago protests occurred in egypt. the upheavals have affected the ballerina dancers. >> translator: when there are demonstrations, it's dangerous to go outside. sometimes there are curfews. when that happens, all rehearsals are canceled. it can be hard to stay motivated with all that is going on. >> sometimes the principal male dancer misses rehearsals to join rallies in times square. he's
Feb 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
. the german defense minister opened the conference by focusing on the current conflicts in syria and moly -- mali and emphasizing the importance of ongoing cooperation between europe and the united states. them in the united nations has been gridlocked over syria for months, and often, these occasions provide a more informal opportunity for an exchange of ideas. one of the most prominent speakers will be vice president joe biden of the u.s., and he stopped off in berlin on the way to the meeting. >> the u.s. vice-president peter were when visit to the german capital and his first to the german chancellery. he held an equally brief press conference after talks with chancellor merkel, giving high praise for trans-atlantic relations. the two reportedly discussed conflicts in syria and moly -- mali but made no public statements on the matter. his next stop is munich for an annual security conference, a meeting of high-ranking international policy makers, and mali and syria will be at the top of the agenda. >> the situation in the entire region is very dangerous, and we have to prevent it from
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8